Three Fashion Trends Took Over Teens

Three Fashion Trends Took Over Teens

Understanding teen fashion can be a headache. This is because teens are very particular. They either like the trend or they don’t. Also, what was yesterday’s eye-catching style might end up being tomorrow’s “so yesterday” outfit. Fashion changes fast and trying to predict the next trend is nearly impossible. However, it is possible for you to find the trendiest wears that are likely to stay in style for a while. Here are some of the three fashion trends that had teens freaking out in 2016.

Jeans, Hoods & T-Shirts

T-Shirts, jeans, and hoods along with sneakers remain the ‘must-haves’ of every teen’s closet. Whereas other trends come and go, these items have become the basics of every teen’s wardrobe. At Krowmark, hoodies, and t-shirts with no design are some of its most popular products that are in high demand. It is common to see ladies with full zip hooded sweatshirts, long-line hoodies and urban style hoodies. Men also prefer the zipped hooded sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts (with no zip) and sleeveless hoodies for the basketball players. T-shirts are also preferred with no design or logo. The t-shirts can be worn either with jeans or athletics wear, leggings and converse.


Activewear definitely is a major trend that took over in 2016. They include leggings, sweat suits, gym outfits and skinny pants, for women Men also prefer activewear such as jogger fleece pants, sweat pants, and cargo pants. Although most male teenagers prefer preppy clothes, activewear still reigns supreme among teenagers. I’m sure you have come across a man with Nike shoes or Jordans, jogger pants and a casual t-shirt. Yes, the activewear is still trending. For the ladies, the leggings are a must have and you cannot fail to spot a lady with a crop top, leggings, and Nike shoes.


There are so many times that we’ve thought denim jeans are over, never to trend again. But by the day, they come back to the fashion scene. White wash denim, shredded denim jeans and high waist skinny jeans have become a favourite among teenagers who would wear them with branded t-shirts; V-necked tops with short sleeves plain t-shirts. Denims are often worn with flat shoes such as converse or boots. You can spot a lady wearing high-waisted denim shorts, a flowing white top, choker and boots. Men also love their denim and can wear them with their bots timberland or sneakers. Denim is mostly worn with short-sleeve t-shirts with no design together with a zipped hoodie.

Teenage fashion is all about blending in, so make sure that your teenager gets to customize his/her wardrobe with branded clothing or design. Also, make sure that your child understands family values and rules so that they do not go for shirts or clothing with forbidden words. Most teenagers prefer casual outfits and do not want to draw attention to their look. However, their styles are still crazy for adults to comprehend. Either way, let them have a little fun and enjoy those crazy trends before they grow out of it.

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