What should you know before visiting Barcelona?

What should you know before visiting Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city that is on the bucket list of all the wanderlusts. There are certain things you need to be aware of before visiting Barcelona. You don’t need to worry about the stay options as there are inexpensive yet some of the best places to retire after your travel agenda. Barcelona is a very big city and it is suggested to choose vacation rentals in Barcelona to cut down on a lot of stay expenses.  

Carry adaptors

There is a different electrical supply system followed in Barcelona. You cannot imagine passing a day without charging your phones and other electronic devices. So, carry an adaptor before you set out for Barcelona.

Spanish is not the only language

One should be aware of the fact that Barcelona is considered to be a part of Catalonia. The Catalonians are fighting for the autonomy of the place and they do not wish to include Barcelona with Spain. They feel that Barcelona has a lot of variations when compared to erstwhile Spain. So, when you are in Barcelona, never utter that Barcelona is in Spain. People in Barcelona speak two languages, Catalonian and Spanish. You might have a conception that you would be able to manage at Barcelona by knowing Spanish. You can manage but not all the time. Some are bilingual whereas some are not.

Tip big or don’t tip at all

Leaving tips for the sake of it is never appreciated when you are in Barcelona. The waiters do not expect you to tip for serving a coffee or any other light refreshment.

You cannot plan when you are at Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that never runs along with the clock. The standard lunch time is 2:30 pm and it is no surprise if you see the restaurants closed at 1 pm. The same applies when you are planning your tour agenda. Though you book your tickets online in advance, you might be in a position to wait in long queues. When you plan to visit a place by 10, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can enter the gates by 10. If you are planning to allot 3 hours for a sight, then add an extra hour to it for the queues and waiting time.

Plan to change your diet

If you are a person who eats three times a day, then make sure you don’t starve on your trip to Barcelona. Buy food and stock it in your bag, there are a lot of carrying food options available at Barcelona. You can make use of the waiting hours to grab some food.

Book tickets in advance

Barcelona is a city that hosts a lot of tourists in a year. So, there are long waiting queues for any sightseeing locations of Barcelona. When you are tired of standing in the waiting queue itself, it is advised to book the tickets well in advance to avoid wasting time by waiting and standing in queues.

Visit during offseason

When you visit the place during offseason, then you can enjoy a lot of advantages. You don’t need to spend more time waiting as there is a comparatively lesser crowd. You can connect yourself more with the place. The hotel tariffs are cheaper. You can save a lot with flight ticket booking etc.

Be aware of pickpocketers

This is something which you should never take lightly. There are a lot of pickpocketers in Barcelona. If you are careful enough, then these pickpocketers cannot play with you. To avoid losing a lot to loot or robbery, it is suggested to segregate the money and store them at different places in your luggage. This would not leave you penniless in case you lose your purse in a new area.

Use of the public transport

The entire city of Barcelona is well connected by public transport systems. You can recharge the tickets to be used for public transport to avoid queues and wasting time. This is also one of the cheapest and quickest modes of transportation in Barcelona.

Go on foot or use the cycle

There are certain places in Barcelona which can be enjoyed to the fullest only if you go on foot. So, carry a good pair of shoes in your baggage. There are a lot of cycles available for renting. You can use these cycles and tour around the city of Barcelona.

Plan for a week at least

Owing to the large crowd and the paucity of time to cover all the places in Barcelona, it is recommended to stay for a week at least. In fact, you can stay in Barcelona even for weeks together. But make sure to plan your stay for a week to thoroughly enjoy the place.

Learn a bit of Spanish

It is not easy to manage at Barcelona only with English. Learn a bit of Spanish to make conversations with the locals. Since even road sign boards do not carry any English alphabets, it is mandated to know a bit of Spanish.

These are some of the things you must be aware of before you start planning a trip to one of the best places in the world. Barcelona is never costly.

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